The great outdoors

Our town also provides several spaces for camper parking for those who love caravanning.

Equipped parking area

This equipped publicparking areawas inaugurated in September 2014 on the occasion of the Plein-air National Day in Orange Flag Towns. It is open all year apart from the second week in August.At a cost of € 10, you are allowed to stop with your vehicle both inside the fence of the Città Murata (Walled City)Youth Hostel and in the external parking area, and use all the related facilities. Only those who park in the hostel premises can use the toilets, at no additional cost. The area is asphalted, well-kept and very spacious. It offers facilities to meet the needs of lovers of open-air tourism, a way of travellingwhichis bringing together an increasing number of enthusiasts and that the Municipality of Montagnana continues to support, knowing this is a way to fully experience the city.


The equipped parking area is located just outside the northern walls,close to the sports fields and behind the former Youth Hostel, which was located in the Rocca degli Alberi. It is just 100 meters from the medieval walls and very convenient for the historical centre, which you can reach on foot through Porta Vicenza or Porta Legnago.


Properly lit even at night to protect your safety, it has nine pitches equipped with multi-socket columns for electricity, water intake for loading and a cockpit with a ground grid for draining grey and black water. Only those who park inside the Città Murata Youth Hostel can use the toilets, at no additional cost.


Paid parking is subject to a fee of € 10 per day. You can also bring your beloved pets. The place is surrounded by green spaces and also has a picnic area.


Food, hospitality, culture at your complete service! Let yourself be enveloped by a timeless borough full of treasures both inside and outside its walls. Come and enjoy a town that will leave you open-mouthed at any time of the year!

GPS Coordinates

45° 14’ 12.660’’ NORTH – 11° 27’ 50.990 EAST