Montagnana is the cradle of the P.D.O. Berico EuganeoVeneto Ham, whose quality and typicality are officially certified. A refreshing stop to tickle your palate is a must! The delicious smell of its fragrant, soft slices, its sweet taste will literally leaveyou open-mouthed. Montagnana’s ham has been certified “Protected Designation of Origin”,which implies following strict regulations that even provide forthe weight limits(between 8 and 11 kilos) that each piece must not exceed after curing. The hand of man is fundamental for successful production,since the ham is worked with washing and massage techniques according to the most ancient tradition, and special criteria for salting and coating must be respected. The genuineness of the product is also guaranteedby natural curing and preservation processes, which provide for a controlled combination of air, temperature and humidity conditions.