A medieval town

Montagnana is a sensational, perfectly-preserved medieval town, which has survived to our times to tell us about a glorious past.As you arrive from the surrounding countryside, you will be left open-mouthed by the view appearing before you! The feeling is that of plunging into another era in an instant, and you dream of ladies, vassals and knights as you go through one of the best-preserved towns in Europe!The name, made up of Motta (a small hill) and Aeniana (the name of a plot of land, fundus aenianus), could make you smile if you think that this town, protected by some of the most spectacular walls in late medieval Europe, is in a flat area.Enclosed by an intact medieval wall circle that stands out imposingly for about 2 km, embellishedwith 24 guard towers, the town of Montagnana is incredibly picturesque, with its arcades, colorful houses and cobbled streets windingthrough squares, monuments and small shops of various kinds. Not visiting Montagnana is like losing one of the most beautiful views in Italy!

Places of interest in Montagnana


Town Hall

The walls and the Vallo

Civic Museum and Arena

San Zeno Castle

Nativity Hospital

Rocca degli Alberi

Villa Pisani and Village

St.Francis’ Church

Magnavin-Foratti Palace

St Benedict’s Church

Giorgione’s Station

Major Square

Church of the Madonna di Fuori


St. Anthony the Abbot’s Church

Pomello-Chinaglia Palace