Civic Museum and Arena “Martinelli-Pertile”

“A. Giacomelli ”Civic Museum, established after the remarkable discovery of a Roman necropolis of the Gens Vassidia, consists of three sections:

  • an archaeological section rich in exhibits from the late Neolithic to the Roman period. The oldest settlements in the area are documented by archaeological finds,in particular flint artefacts, discovered in the nearby Palù and Busi areas, which date back to the late 4th-early 3rd millennium BC.
  • a medieval and modern section which displays ceramics, frescoes and paintings of the Venetian school.
  • a musical section dedicated to Montagnana’s famous tenors Giovanni Martinelli and Aureliano Pertile, in whose memory an international opera contest takes place in the town every June.

Curiously enough, the two tenors were born in the same year (1885) and in neighbouring houses.It is to them that the nearby Arena is dedicated. Created after filling with earth an ancient internal moat of the castle, it often hosts musical events and theatrical performances.

A spinet is a small harpsichord which took its name from Giovanni Spinetti (or Spinetto), a harpsichord-makerborn in Montagnana.

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